Every year, new trends develop in user interface design that literally changes the face of the Internet for years to come. Some of these trends are just starting to emerge in 2017, while others grow more popular each year.

As 2017 enters its second half, and 2018 comes into view, we’ll look at some of the current trends, followed by our predictions for what will shine in 2018.
Current UI trends

With a shift towards creating user experiences, rather than just selling, 2016 introduced some great new ideas into UI design. Perhaps the biggest change happened after apps such as Pokémon Go blurred the line between reality and screens. With this now a possibility, how we interact with those screens is even more critical than it once was.

In 2017, designers were tasked with creating designs that were more time-saving and personalized while delivering deeper metrics than ever before.
Upcoming UI Trends

These 8 trends not only align with these goals, but they are also most likely to drive the design of websites in 2018.
Long Form Content

The demand for more written content (for a variety of reasons) has led to web pages that require scrolling. While great for search engine optimization, content that extends ‘below the fold’ pose a unique challenge for UI design. Expect to see more UI design trends addressing this issue in 2018. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE