SEOs are saying their rankings are all over the place the past few days

Over the past few days the SEO communities and forums have been in a somewhat state of stress watching their rankings and analytics fluctuate up and down. It is like Google is tweaking things in real time and the search results are very unstable. I am not sure I’d call it one of the many Google algorithm updates we’ve been covering but it does sure seem weird.

SEOs are saying their rankings are all over the place the past few days. I was suspecting there was some sort of update going on or maybe small tweaks but it is hard to say. The automated tools aren’t showing much in terms of fluctuations or changes but the community, or at least some of it, feels a bit nervous about what is going on.

Here are some quotes from the ongoing WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World threads:


“Our traffic still appears to be erratic, unpredictable, and generally down a little bit each and every day. However, tracked keywords remain stable in rankings and are not the worst I’ve ever seen them (but far from the best I’ve seen them).

I’m still frustrated, still annoyed, still angry that Google can’t detect thin affiliate sites over actual service providers with better, more informative, and more factually accurate content.”

“Big drop today. Again second time after first august. On first August I have lost 70% of traffic. Now I have lost 90% of traffic.”


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