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What exactly is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has permanently changed search. Users are getting custom search results based on their past behaviors, their devices, their locations, and hundreds of other factors. The search engines increasingly know what users want. This technology shift is driving momentous change in search engine optimization (SEO) as well. AI technology is capable of building customized optimization strategies.

While the SEO techniques we’ve all learned still serve as an optimization baseline, the changing competitive landscape is prioritizing page one results. When we use AI to look at the relationship between search intent and content, the data paints a picture that is customized to specific content landscapes. In other words, optimizations strategies that work for one family of keywords might not work as well for another group of keywords.

Where is AI used?

Search optimization AI analyzes the relationships between sites, content pages, and search engine rankings. The results are fast, actionable, and even automated tactics to out-optimize the competition. Here’s how:

  • Identify Opportunities. Determining the right topics to address with content is as much science as it is art. Artificial Intelligence identifies trending topics in your industry and spots competitive gaps in the market to provide the most effective topics to target with your content.
  • Conversion Optimized. Not all traffic is created equal; only the right traffic results in conversions. Whether you need users to place orders or simply leave an email address, AI provides on-page optimizations to ensure your pages accomplish your organizational goals.
  • Refresh Content. Most content pages are developed and published—then quickly forgotten. And while a page’s maturity can help its search ranking, dynamic optimization updates and refreshed linking supplied by AI leverages mature content’s link equity to help newer pages rank quicker.
  • Automation. The shift toward Artificial Intelligence for search optimization is driving significant optimization opportunities but to take advantage of all these algorithm changes increasingly we’ll see a shift toward automation in search optimization.

How does AI search optimization change marketing teams?

How we develop, optimize, and publish content is changing quickly. Over time the trend toward using Artificial Intelligence to drive search optimization will change the focus of marketing teams.

  • Content Creation. Content creators will increasingly be developing content that fills specific search opportunities and responds to competitive opportunities identified by AI.
  • Optimization Experts. SEO managers have played a range of technical and content roles but moving forward the role position will focus increasingly on analysis and strategy.
  • Publishing. Today’s site hosting decisions are about speed, bandwidth, and reliability, but hosting solutions increasingly will focus on serving content for customized optimization strategies.

As search evolves, so does search optimization. AI in search is changing the way we optimize sites for search. In an increasingly competitive landscape where top search rankings are more important than ever, data-driven, automated, organic-optimized publishing platforms will be king.

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